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Accounting Processing

CONSULT OUTSOURCING offers the Implementation, Coordination or Operation of Accounting Departments, in order to generate accounting and managing reports, and comply with Federal tributary obligations, in terms of current Income Tax legislation, ultimately seeking to reduce bottom line expenses (tributary planning).

  • Managing Reports
  • Local / Foreign Currency Reports
  • Business Unit / Consolidated Reports
  • Validation of Corporative transactions

The high level of proprietary information technology resources at CONSULT OUTSOURCING enables data, inquiries and results to be produced with greater accuracy and agility, reducing levels of paper work and rework.

CONSULT OUTSOURCING performs with individualized responsibility towards its clients. Each company has its own dedicated accountant / staff, both of which are deeply involved with individual aspects, and capable of immediately clarifying doubts and issues pertaining to legal matters.

As a result, CONSULT OUTSOURCING crosses the threshold of traditional Accounting Offices by effectively performing “in house” consulting for the Accounting, Personnel and Fiscal Departments – besides offering a number of related services through its network of Associated Partners.

Accounting Consulting

Companies with their own Accounting and Fiscal structures may also rely on CONSULT OUTSOURCING in case of specific or temporary necessities.

Once troublesome areas have been spotted, CONSULT OUTSOURCING teams up with your Company’s Accounting, Personnel or Fiscal Departments to produce accounting analysis, account settlements, annual / monthly reports, and managing reports as well –without disrupting the respective daily routine of activities in each of the aforementioned areas

A summary of our services:

  • Limited Review of Financial Statements – NPA 04;
  • Analysis of Procedures for the Accounting of Assets, Liabilities and Income Reconciliation of Balance Sheet Accounts
    – Preparation and Analysis of Schedule of Accounts;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Preparation or orientation for the translation of foreign currency Statements, in terms of international accounting practices (US GAAP, FASB, IASB/IFRS norms);
  • Guidelines to draw Statements and Explanatory Notes for publication and / or remittance to shareholders, in Portuguese or English, in terms of official corporate and commercial legislation (CFC, IBRACON, CVM, BACEN);
  • Assurance expertise in order to corroborate the utilization of adequate procedures when registering accounting investigations in Balanced Accounts and / or specific transactions, and to identify eventual deviations as well. CONSULT OUTSOURCING is duly licensed to counsel its clients in legal actions as an assistant expert, and / or to ready your Company for an Official Inspection.
  • Parameterisation and transmission of ECD (Escrituração Contábil Digital).

Physical Inventory of:

  • Inventories – Follow-up and accomplishment;
  • Fixed Assets – Inventory, Reconciliation, Identification and Reports

Tax consulting and fiscal processing

Coordination and operation of the Fiscal Department, seeking to generate and fulfill the main and ancilliary Federal, State and Municipal obligations (GIA, SINTEGRA, DCTF, DIRF, PERDCOMP, EFD-Contribuições, EFD-Fiscal, Siscoserv).

Securing deeds by means of data processing and assessment of tributes (ISS, ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, SIMPLES, IRF, IRPJ, CSLL).

Recalculation of overdue tributes and obligations, renegotiation of payments (installments) and tracking of various tributes, in terms of applicable norms.

Tax Review – Analysis of procedures for tax calculation and payment.

Preparation and review of Income Tax Returns – Corporate Tax Planning – Legal System aiming at reduction of Tax Burden.

Support to Tax Litigations – Identification and Preparation of Documentation and Process.

Identification of Tax Credits – Process preparation (tax compensation to be claimed to tax authorities)

Transfer Pricing Consulting

CONSULT OUTSOURCING is able to implement full-lenght processes to calculate and manage tranfer pricing in your company

With the sanction of Law 9,430/96 and complementary regulations, new methods of import and export pricing calculation have been introduced, which should be followed by business corporations domiciled in Brazil with offshore associations.

Based on this legislation we have to warn our clients to avoid fiscal evasion originated from transactions promoted between companies domiciled in the country and associated companies domiciled abroad.

Notably, interest amounts paid or credited to the associated entity are subject to the rules of Transfer Pricing, when resulting from contracts that are not registered with Central Bank of Brazil.

We highlight that non-compliance with the referred norms may result in price arbitration of import and export transactions practiced with associated companies, which consists basically of the following:

  • Fiscal authorities will choose the applicable criteria, in an arbitrary way, which means in other words, the most expensive, on the point of view of the taxpayer, which will significantly impact the tax burden;
  • the calculated adjustment will be subject to an increased Corporate Income Tax , and to the] Social Contribution on Net Profit on the basis of 75%, as a fine, without any adjustments based on the SELIC rate to avoid further losses.

Human resources and pay roll processing

Through its best practices, an integrated information systems platform, and international standard servicing, CONSULT OUTSOURCING is the ideal partner to help streamline your company’s Pay Roll processes and Human Resources Department. By closely monitoring the chore values that sustain the growth of its clients, CONSULT OUTSOURCING is committed to offering time-saving, cost-reducing, trouble-shooting solutions for:

  • Pay roll;
  • Administration and Control of Personnel;
  • Recruiting and selection of Executive, Administrative and Operational staff;
  • Administration of Occupations and Salaries;
  • Training and Development of Personnel
  • Labor and Union Relations;
  • Safety Engineering, Hygiene, and Labor & Environmental Medicine.

Asset management and processing

CONSULT OUTSOURCING is able to implement full-lenght processes to manage fixed assets in your company.

  • Individualized control of assets;
  • Assessment of expenses and depreciation by cost center;
  • Codification of assets per type and location;
  • Normatization of Material Handling;
  • Complete routines for the administration of assets;
  • Adequation of inventory to insurance risks;
  • Conciliation between physical and accouting status;
  • Implantation of ERP systems to control fixed assets.

Financial management and processing (treasury)

CONSULT OUTSOURCING offers integrated solutions, utilizing cutting edge management softwares available in the market and / or softwares made available by your company, besides training the staff in charge of implanting processes and systems, management, and maintenance and support to the technological environment as well.

We adopt earmarked solutions for each company, based on a previous study of the Organization and its administrative and operational processes, so the appropriate essential tools may be implemented.

Consult Outsourcing also carries out other necessary works for your company to be successful (outsourcing), relieving the Administrative Department from the corresponding energy and time demands.

  • Control of accounts receivable and receivables;
  • Control of accounts payable and payments;
  • Cash flow and budgets;
  • Payment of bills;
  • Receipt of Titles;
  • Analysis of Account Settlements;
  • Elaboration of managing report.

Setting up new companies and Central Bank assistance

At CONSULT OUTSOURCING we provide you with thorough support to set up new companies, e.g. supplying commercial address and proxies, among others.

We also take care of Registrations at the Chamber of Commerce, IRS, Ministry of Labor, State Department of Revenue System, State Department and Foreign Trade Chamber (Bank of Brazil).

Opening and closing companies; to obtain and follow-up on certificates from government bodies and Registrations in government offices.

Counseling for registration, reduction, reinvestment and repatriation of foreign capital, and inter-company loans and dues, at the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN).

Appraisal of businesses and assets

CONSULT OUTSOURCING businesses appraisals make full fruition of the highest technological, methodological and ethical standards, and the latest appraising techniques, matching individual requests with earmarked solutions.

Meeting the hightest technical standards, CONSULT OUTSOURCING is licensed to issue technical counseling involving individuals, corporate bodies, and public departments.

Furthermore, we also peform the appraisal of Tangible assets (estate, machinery, facilities, various cultures, urban operations with the City Hall and feasibility studies) and Intangible Assets (brands, trade marks, technology, commerce funds) for various purposes.

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